rebuilt hoof nipper


Tool sharpening Arizona by Core Surgical

Prices available upon request

Clipper blades

Regular blades and large animal blades.
Clipper repair


Salon convex edge scissors, barber shears.
Sewing scissors, craft scissors, pinking shears.


Knives, serrated knives, slicers, and food processor blades.
We can repair bent or broken tip, improperly sharpened, chips and nicks.

Farrier Tools

Hoof knives, hoof nippers, half rounds.

Garden Tools

Hand tools: pruners, hedge shears, loppers, single and double bit axes, saws, and hatchets.
Power tools: hedge trimmers, chain saw chains, and lawn mower blades.

Wood & Leather Tools

Chisels, circular saw blades, drill bits, and augers.
Punches, edger tools, splitter blades, strip cutter blades, head knives, and round knives.

Surgical instrument sharpening Arizona by Core Surgical

Prices available upon request

Surgical Scissors

Standard, delicate, tungsten carbide, micro and specialty scissors.

Forceps / Hemostats

Standard, delicate, micro.
Clip applier.


Hand held and self retaining.

Needle holders

New inserts, C/V inserts, Ryder inserts, and adjustment.

Orthopedic Instruments

Elevator, gouge, osteotome, curette.
Ronguer, Kerrison ronguer, ronguer repair, Cobb elevator, tamp mallet, key elevator.

Arthroscopic Instruments

Punch, grasper alignment, knife sharpening.

Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopic scissor sharpening, grasper alignment, insulation test.

Miscellaneous Instruments

Trocar, uterine curette, adenoid curette, biopsy needle, Verrese needle, suction tube, and cleaning.

2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Yes, I do clipper blades. The price is $8 per blade. If you want on site sharpening, I require a $100 minimum order. Otherwise you can mail them to me or call me to find out if I will be in your area.

  2. I’m a dog groomer and was wondering if you sharpen clipper blades and how much you would charge? Thank you

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